5 Best TeamViewer Alternatives-Remote Desktop Software

On and off tech Support is required in offices and sometimes for personal reasons to help your friends or family. This Problem is best taken by Teamviewer who is a pioneer in this segment of remote desktop handling services just with the help of internet and OTP. Here, we have listed the Teamviewer alternatives that offer better features and work more efficiently.

TeamViewer Alternatives

TeamViewer Alternatives

Trusting any Tool for safety and security is a matter of concern for any corporate or personal information. Although Team Viewer is a good tool it has security issues even in the paid versions and therefore arrives the need to have alternative tool. These alternatives will also work as TeamViewer alternative mac or other operating systems. You can even check the TeamViewer alternative linux as a lot of companies use open source operating systems.

Here is a list of handpicked tools tried and Tested with Good Corporate Reviews to take care of such concerns and make your life secure and easier

Real VNC

This is one of the most reliable alternatives for TeamViewer. It has a VNC protocol which can be used to access remote person’s desktop. It also has some unique features like file transfer, cross-platform remote control, encryption, and also a live chat window to have a live discussion without any phone calls. Cross-platform allows you to connect with multiple machines with just one IP address. This is available for all renowned Operating Systems like Windows, Mac, UNIX and Linux, Raspberry PI and Ubuntu also. This remote desktop software also helps the developers in increasing the speed of developments.

Remote Desktop Software

Chrome Remote Desktop

This is just an add-on, it does not require any installation. All you need to do is open it with Google Chrome and get remote access. It works on all operating systems. It’s the most secure method for file transfer and gives you remote access to files and folders from remote access. On top of this it is best free TeamViewer alternative. Hence it is the best tool free of cost that requires no installation and no plugin. In addition to that, it supports so many features without demarcation of a platform.

TeamViewer Alternative mac

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It is my personal favorite for remote access and is the best TeamViewer alternative. Although it is only available in a Paid version, its extraordinary features like File transfer, access to a local printer, video and audio Streaming and sharing of the docs with collaborators completely justifies its minimum pricing which quite less than TeamViewer is giving obsolete features.  This is supported by Mac and Windows. It is one of the top choices for mid-sized companies looking for advanced features and better pricing in a secured tool.

TeamViewer Alternatives Free


Join Me is an Advanced level conferencing Tool, which is made by LogMeIn. It allows multiple people to connect in conferences and online meetings. It offers extended features and not just sharing stuff and remote access. The online drawback I see is that it is Paid version is a bit expensive that costs $50n for each meeting for each participant. Basic service is free of cost but the Pro version has managerial features and is paid in accordance. It is compatible with both Windows and IOS. The USP is that it offers unlimited audio.

Best FreeTeamViewer Alternative


This is one amazing alternative to Teamviewer and it has outstanding features like swap presenter, free mobile app, file transfer and multi-user whiteboard. It is Ideal for holding conferences and giving presentations online at multiple locations. It does not need either software or a plug-in. It can be conveniently used in the comfort of your chrome. It is a little pricey but the first choice of all the companies who keep holding international conferences.

eamViewer Alternative Linux

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Final Verdict

In my opinion, all the above mentioned quick fix sharing alternatives are best in their own unique way. Some are free, some does not require installation at all and some offer extraordinary features. You can choose yours as per your requirement. Technology has definitely advanced and Teamviewer has become obsolete and insecure. So choose from these new options and be smart.

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