5 Best Apk to Root android without PC/Computer

Initially, there were no options for rooting your Android phones. But these days there are numerous APKs available for rooting of Android phones. In early days it was only possible to root android with PC and that too had a high risk of hard bricking your device. But these days such wonderful APKs have been launched which you can use directly to root Android without PC with a minimal risk of hard bricking.

Root android without PC

Root android without PC

There are many APK available like kingoroot APK, Baidu root APK, easy Rooting Toolkit, RootMaster etc. Before we go further we need to understand what is Root in and android and why do we need it. Rooting can be defined in simple words like this “Rooting is basically a procedure that allows smartphones users, running the Android mobile operating system to attain privileged control also known as root access over Android subsystems.

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Rooting Apps Apk

Although rooting is quite popular among advanced users and Android nerds, but it is quite risky. Before making up your mind to root your android please ensure that you have well understood its advantages and disadvantages. For your information, we are giving some pointers about the pros and cons of rooting apps APK for your mobile phone.

Advantages of Rooting Android Disadvantages of Rooting
Rooting allows you to access all files present in the root directory, which simply means that can edit or delete system files also. ·There is a chance of Data loss while rooting. So you must take a back up, before performing rooting.
It can help to boost your mobile performance by changing the frequency of CPU and your android can speed up. There is a strong chance that your phone becomes useless and dead like a hard brick.
You can increase battery life by slowing down your CPU. There is No warranty once you get into Rooting levels of usage.
You can upgrade the android version of your mobile using custom ROM like CM11 or CM12. There are tons of custom ROMs available nowadays like MIUI, carbon ROM etc. There is a risk of privacy, as it involves installing of third-party apps.
Internal memory can be increased, as you can swap your internal as well as memory card You might face a problem of random rebooting.
You can install Rom to change the entire experience of android moreover you can install amazing apps which you can otherwise not use without rooting.

Root Android without PC Apk

  1. Using FramaRoot

This is the most common and popular apk for rooting any phone. Most of the exploits of this apk are made according to MTK chipset. All you need to do is downloading and install Framaroot. After this, you have to tap on Boromir and wait till it shows Su installed successfully. That’s It. Now you are good to go.

Rooting Android without PC apk

  1. Using Universal Android Root

This is the second most popular APK after Framaroot. Those phones which are not done by Framaroot will definitely get rooted via this APK.  You can just download the apk by searching on the web universal android root apk download. You have to install the APK and root, just ensure that you have chosen the right android version.

Rooting Apps Apk

  1. Using iRoot

iRoot is a chine APK app. It is developed by the same software company Vroot which roots any android in one touch. It is also popular as one click root android. This is an advanced version for giving more flexibility to the users.

Rooting Android without Computer

  1. Using Z4Root

This is the oldest APK for rooting androids. This easily works on all HTC, Sony, Motorola, and Samsung. It has a 99%success on mobiles and Tab from Samsung, without any Pc and Bricking.

Root android in one click

  1. Using Towel Root

You can use Towel Root on most HTC devices. Just install the AAPK and tap on make it rain and you are good to go.

root android apk

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Can Rooting be undone?

Once you click on the Full unroot button, tap Continue, and the unrooting process will get started. After a reboot, your phone will become clean of the root. If you haven’t used SuperSU to root your device, there a hope, that Rooting can be undone.  All you need to do is install an app called Universal Unroot to remove root from some devices. You can install an app called Root checker and check whether your android has been rooted or not.

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