5 Best Sites to Read Manga Online [Free & Paid Websites]

Remember those childhood days when you used to enjoy reading comic books. They were so much more fun than these movies and shows. It was easy to comprehend them and had a short and interesting way of telling the story. We are sure you might have read comics like X-Men, Daredevil, Marvels, and Batman. Nowadays Japanese version of comics is famous so if you want to read manga online free keep reading.

Read Manga Online

Read Manga Online

Manga is a Japanese style of comics. It is similar to the comics or cartoons but with a unique style. It differs from its counterparts in terms of the language and the audience it targets. Manga is highly popular and always in demand. It is hard to find it outside of Japan. The reason is that they are expensive. Another important factor is its language. They are Japanese so everyone cannot understand them. Still, there are multiple sites that offer them in translated language i.e. English. Here, we have listed the sites you can check them.

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ComicWalker was released by an established publisher. It offers manga to the users free of cost. Once you visit the site you will multiple of them in a grid format. On the left frame, you will find categories like free comic, news list, release date, and more. Usually, free services like these have limited functionalities but ComicWalker is going to deliver the best to you. The site is updated on a regular basis and has a huge collection of about 300 published works.


BookWalker is a popular venture by the Kadokawa Company. This is a paid service that you can access on your PC or mobile phones. Other than websites there is even an app developed facilitating easy access to the user. You can pick your favorite manga by various filtering options available. These include the authors, publishers, categories, and genres. This site has officially released so you do not have to worry about any sort of piracy. Some of the famous publishers on the site are Kodansha, Viz, and Yen.


ComiXology is another service that offers manga but at an affordable rate. By paying a small amount of $5.99 you can avail the service for a lifetime. Other than featuring manga the site also features graphic novels and comics. The site has grouped the titles into interesting sub-categories. Some of them are “Genre Spotlight”, “New Releases”, “Chapter Same Day as Japan”, and “Watched the Anime? Read the Manga”.


Mangafreak is the free streaming site you can read manga online here. Not only in Japan this site is popular in a lot of regions. On this site, you can filter the search results based on categories like “Random”, “New Releases”, and “Genre”.  If you want to view the complete list then you can also check the “Manga List”. This is a site with the simple straightforward interface. However, the user won’t be able to download manga.

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If you are looking for a site with unique design and better features then read manga fox. In a small tile-like format you can view all the latest additions. On the homepage, you won’t find the navigation bar but you can still use the search icon on the left. Mangafox can be accessed through websites or application. The app is available for both Android and iOS users.

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