5 Best Netflix Anime Movies That You Can’t Afford To Miss

When we talk about the Anime movies then different people have different interest. Some like genres like action while the others like romance. With a wide range of data available on different websites, it becomes difficult to choose one. You have to play every video at least once to check whether it is interesting or not. To reduce your effort in doing so you must check the Netflix anime movies mentioned here.

Netflix Anime Movies

Netflix Anime Movies

Netflix has come up with a surprise package when it comes to animated content. In 2015 there were several popular anime series that were added on Netflix.  With each passing year new and better films made its ways to the Netflix anime list. There is a lot of anime series that are so good that you will be curious to know about its next episode. If you are looking for anime coming to Netflix 2018 then it has already come. You can check some of the best animes on Netflix over here.

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Ghost Pain    

Ghost Pain is part of the series called Ghost in the Shell. The story revolves around the future of humans. Here, the humans switch their body parts or organs for robotic replacements. It’s intellectual and animation themes make it one of the best anime films ever made. This series even involves Ghost Tears, Ghost Whispers, and Ghost in the Shell: Arise.

Death Note

Death Note is one of the best thriller animated movies on Netflix list. This movie is going to bring the top-notch content to the table.  The story revolves around a teenager who gets a death note.  After receiving the note the teenager gets the skill to kill at his will. The end of the story is slightly off-track. If Netflix is not streaming anime movies in your region then you must try other platforms.

Mune: Guardian of the Moon

There was a French film with title “Mune, le gardien de la lune” that received appreciation back in 2014. In fact, the movie received the Best Feature award at Annecy in the next year. After three years the movie was released in the U.S. as Mune: Guardian of the Moon. It is the best anime on Netflix 2018. This wonderful tale is going to leave its mark on your hearts. Some of its characters are definitely going to become your favorite.

Animes on Netflix

Steins: Gate

Do you love movies that involve time travel? Even the full-length Hollywood movies are made on this theme. But when it comes to humans there are a lot of restrictions involved.  The story is about a scientist with a gold heart. He finds a fellow scientist who is about to die and that’s when tries to backdate the time. This is the best anime to watch now.

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Black Lagoon

Black Lagoon was even on the list of anime on Netflix 2015. This movie deals with the criminal incidents. The story begins with a person whose name is Rokuro. He is asked to deliver a disk that has sensitive data related to the company. During his journey, the boat he travels in gets conquered by a few pirates. This is when the actual story begins. It has everything an anime lover would want to see like bloodshed, violence, drama, and more.

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