How to Setup Google Analytics Account for Website

Google Analytics is an analytical tool. The tool measures the app, website and offline data to gain the insights of customers. This helps in analyzing the data and tracking the performance. It is one of the most widely used analytical services on the internet. Here, you will learn how to setup Google Analytics in simple ways. An article is a form of Google analytics tutorial that will guide you from the beginning.

How to Setup Google Analytics

How to Setup Google Analytics

There are a lot of benefits of using Google analytics. Some of them are listed below:

  • The account gives you information on the source of traffic. For example- Number of users who visit the website through paid advertisement or referral link.
  • Google Analytics will provide you information about the visitors. For example-Check the towns and countries from where the people visit your website.
  • Check the popularity of a specific page and take steps accordingly.
  • Bounce rate is another important factor. When visitors view the page on a website just before leaving, its considered bounce. If this rate is high, it means the user might have accidentally visited the site.

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Setup Google Analytics Account

  • First, visit the website of Google Analytics.
  • Second, click on “Access Analytics” button. The button would appear in the top-right corner of the website. The website would direct you to a new page.
  • Tap on “Sign Up” to setup Google analytics.
  • Make a choice between “Mobile app” and “Website”.
  • Now, you will have to fill some basic details to proceed further. Enter a name for the account. You can track 25 properties per account. Enter the name of the website or app. Specify the link in the “URL” section. Use the drop-down to select an industry.
  • Enable or disable the data sharing options. These options help in sharing with Google programs such as Google specialists and AdSense.
  • Now, tap on tracking ID. The site will redirect you to the Admin page.
  • For implementing and changing tags of analytics, use the Google tag manager. Now, you can use the Google analytics login to access the account.
  • Add a container to your account. These containers are used to hold all the tags. These tags include AdWords, Analytics, and other third-party tags. Make sure the name of the container is your website’s URL.

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How to Use Google Analytics

Monitor the Google analytics account using these steps:

  • Once you sign in, open the reporting section of the site. Overview page will open. You can view information like no. of visitors, bounce rate, and more.

Setup Google Analytics Account

  • View the dashboard of your site by using the dashboard menu. This board will give you in-depth details about the traffic on your site.
  • Each dashboard has basic widgets that are pre-configured. Customize the widgets according to your site’s requirement. Use the “Add widget” button to add new widgets. You can create Google analytics WordPress
  • A user can create maximum 20 dashboards. If you want to monitor specific aspects of your site, create a dashboard. On the dashboard menu, tap on “+New Dashboard”. Create either starter dashboard or blank canvas. On the blank canvas, you won’t find any widget.

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