How to Make a Calendar in Word with Multiple Months

Are you looking for a way to add a calendar in Word file? Microsoft Word allows the user to add calendars in different ways. You can any of those ways to create a calendar in your Word document. Use of calendars is not limited to religious purposes only. People use them for them for commercial and purposes too. Now, you will get to know how to make a calendar in Word using these steps. Also, check Word calendar 2017 for more information.

How to Make a Calendar in Word

How to Make a Calendar in Word

Calendars help in organizing days.  If you add a calendar to the Word document, you can add daily updates to the calendar.  Microsoft Word gives the user ability to choose from different calendar formats. Word has a collection of sample calendar templates for different events. Once you add them to the file, you can make necessary changes. Another form of the calendar is the drop-down one. People use these calendars in forms.

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How to Insert Calendar in Word

These steps are going to help you add a drop-down calendar to the form.

  • First, you will have to type a name for the drop down. For example- Birth Date.
  • Right-click on the ribbon and add the developer tab. You will have to select the customize ribbon option for the same.
  • On the developer icon, the third option is for the control group. For each control, a small icon is displayed. Tap on “Date Picker Content Control”.

How to Insert Calendar in Word

  • A drop-down will appear on the screen. To set the different properties, tap on “Properties” tab.
  • There are different fields on the dialog box that opens. Add a title for the calendar.
  • Set a format for the dates from the “Display the date like this” list.
  • The user can even lock the content control. There is a checkbox to prevent the control from editing and deleting.
  • Click on ok to apply changes to the calendar drop-down.
  • Tap on the down arrow on the date picker control and a calendar will appear. You can select the date, month, and year from the calendar in Word.

How to Create a Calendar in Word

  • First, type the month for which you want to create a calendar. Move the cursor to the next line.
  • Tap on Insert tab to view its options in the ribbon.
  • In the tables section, there is an option for adding a table.
  • Tap and move the cursor to select rows and columns. Select either six or seven rows with seven columns. The number of rows depends on the month.
  • Enter the names of the week in each box of the first row.
  • Enlarge the cells of the table to change the size of the calendar.
  • Enter the dates in the boxes of the table.
  • After adding dates, you can add other information like events, and holidays.

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Calendar in Word Document

Want to know How to Make a Calendar in Word using templates? Follow the given steps:

  • Open the document and go to the File->New option.

Calendar in Word Document

  • The right frame will show a folder for Word calendar template. Tap on the folder to view the templates.
  • Select a template. On the right details of the template will appear. Download and add the template to the document.

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