How to Delete Music from iPhone(4, 5, 6, 7, 8, X)?

iPhone is one of the most popular phones and most selling phones around the world. Huge number People are using iPhone because it is safe and has a fast operating system. iPhone changed the way of operating a phone, the features and the function of the phone are unique and better than any other available phones. So the functions available here on iPhone are also different from other phones and the interface is also are very different. People may find it difficult to find options and functions on the iPhone while they start using iPhone.

how to delete music from iPhone

How to delete music from iPhone?

To Delete songs from iPhone can also be a problematic task as in the iPhone there are certain ways through which you can delete the songs. There is two medium through which the iPhone user can download the music and videos, one through the official Apple site iTunes or iCloud, here the users have to use their Apple ID to download songs and videos. The second is from the other sources from where users can download the songs. There are mainly three medians through which you can delete the downloaded song. You can delete by using iTunes, you can delete songs by using iCloud, and you can delete songs without iTunes and iCloud.


Delete iCloud Music Library 

iPhones have a system where they create an iPhone or Apple ID for every iPhone to personalize the phone and to keep an ID so that the user can track his music download on any Apple devices that the user is connected. If the user is a subscriber to Apple music and iTunes Match so whenever the user downloads the songs on this platform the songs get automatically downloaded to the iCloud ID. So whenever they delete the songs from the phone the song still stay in the iCloud so that the user can recover the songs later. If the songs are deleted from the iCloud it cannot be recovered.

  • Go to the music library find the song that you want to delete.
  • Long press the song that you want to delete if it is downloaded on user’s device then tap remove or tap delete from the library.
  • If it is not downloaded in the device then delete from the library.


How to delete Music from iTunes

iTunes is the official website of the apple store, so when you create an iTunes ID or subscription on iTunes then the songs that you download are automatically downloaded to the iTunes store. And all the apple devices are connected to each other through an Apple ID then whatever the user download that remains in the iTunes devices and it remains with all the devices.

  • If you want to delete songs from the iPhone then you have to delete it from the iTunes.
  • Before deleting the songs unsync the iTune from all other devices before deleting the songs.
  • The go to the music library and select the songs that you want to delete.
  • Hold the song and then the removed song or delete the song from the Music

How to delete songs which are not downloaded from iTunes

The songs which are not downloaded through the iTunes can be downloaded

  • If the songs are not downloaded through the iTunes then it is easy to delete the songs.
  • Long hold the song that you want to delete.
  • When the remove option comes remove the song from the library.

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