Best Way to Delete Clash of Clans Account Permanently!!

If you want to delete the Clash of Clans game then you can check the process below. Not only deleting the account, you can also check how to recover clash of clans account. Here you will find the process as How to delete Clash of Clans account from your Android and iOS devices.

Clash of Clans account

How to delete Clash of Clans account?

If you are an android user who loves playing games then you must be well versed with Google Play Games. By uninstalling the Clash of Clans, you cannot remove the identity and account as the whole. So you must delete the clash of clans account from the Google profile. To delete the Clash of Clans account you need to follow the complete process:

  • Initially, you need to remove the clash of clans Gmail accounts and then go for uninstalling the COC app. For this, you need to visit the settings of your device and access it via notification panel or apps list.
  • Find the Apps section and by clicking on the App, you will get the list of apps which are currently active on your device.
  • You will find lots of buttons. If you do not want any remnant for the Clash of clans then you can go for usage of the clear data. To eliminate it completely, you can tap on the uninstall button.
  • Now you will find that finally your COC game has gone but it is still present in your Google play account.
  • To delete the Clash of Clans content that you need to go to the Google+.
  • To login into the Google plus account, you need to use the similar Gmail ID and enter the proper credentials.

How to delete Clash of Clans account

  • By clicking on the Home button you will find the list to open the settings.
  • After you have opened the settings part, you need to open it.
  • Select the pick Manage Apps and Activities option.
  • By clicking on this icon, you can see the list of apps and services on your Google Plus account.
  • It will then show you the page that will ask you whether you want to disconnect from Clash of Clans or not?
  • Select the checkbox and press the disconnect icon.

How to restart Clash of Clans on iOS?

  • To restart the Clash of Clans, you need to go to the Google plus account.
  • Now complete the whole process of form filling and verification of your phone number.
  • Go to the settings part where you need to look for the Apps section.
  • By clicking on this section, you will find the list of apps already installed on your device.
  • Look for the Clash of Clans app and tap on it.
  • By tapping on to the icon you will get the details about the app including cache, storage, location, cache, and many more.
  • Go to the settings part, click on the Add account.
  • Enter your authenticate credentials.
  • Open your COC gaming app and select the newly created account in Google Play games.

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