How to Add Signature in Gmail Account with Image

Do you want to create a signature for Gmail? Cannot find the signature option on Gmail? Emails are used communication in the professional field. Thus, it becomes necessary to add a signature at the end of your mail. Adding a signature to your account is just a click away. Learn how to add signature in Gmail in the quickest way. The article will guide you so that you can insert signature in Gmail.

How to Add Signature in Gmail

How to Add Signature in Gmail

Email is a fast way of communication. You can create a Gmail account free of cost. After creating the account, you can send n number of emails. Sending a message on email is a convenient way of communication. People have started leaving the traditional form of communication like postal mail. If you have an internet connection, you can send an email in a fraction of seconds.

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Create Signature in Gmail

A signature is a form of contact information. Once you add a signature to your account, Gmail will automatically append it. By default, Gmail adds the signature at the end of the mail. Signature is most important part of a mail for professionals. They need to communicate with various people. If they are going to add signature to Gmail manually then it would take a lot of time. For example- A user wants to send 100 emails per day. Half of the time will be spent on adding the signature. Its better you use the automatic way for the signature addition.

How to Create an Email Signature in Gmail

You can use the following steps for Android devices:

  • Check whether you have the Gmail app on your device or not. If not, download the application.

Create Signature in Gmail

  • Locate the Gmail app and open it. On the upper-left corner of the page, there is an option for menus. The option appears like three horizontal lines in a small box. Open the menus.
  • Open settings and select a Gmail account.
  • Tap on the Signature settings.
  • Now, you can add signature in Gmail. Gmail allows the user to add an image to the signature. If you want you can add an image too.

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How to Add Signature in Gmail with Logo

Another way on How to Add Signature in Gmail are given below:

  • First, log in to your Gmail account. You will have to enter the username and password before logging in.

How to Create an Email Signature in Gmail

  • Click on gear option. The gear options drop-down menu will open.
  • Open the Settings page. There will be different menu tabs on the top portion of the screen. Select “General”.
  • Scroll down to the Signature option.
  • Deselect the “No Signature” option. Tap on the radio button just below this option.

Insert Signature in Gmail

  • Enter details to insert a signature in Gmail. For changing the format of text, use text formatting tools. A professional signature includes personal and company details. You can add company’s name, website link, and much more. Make changes to the color and font of the text.
  • If you want to add links, use the link icon. Click on the option to open the pop-up window. Enter a text for the link. Copy and paste the URL and press enter.
  • Change the settings to change the position of signature. The signature would then appear before the text. Now, save the changes. You can use tools like Gmail signature generator for creating the signature.

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