5 Top Best Browsers for Mac OS X 10.6.8 (2018)

With the Internet becoming the need of today, your system needs to have the best browser. Web browsers serve as the access point to the World Wide Web. These days everything is available on the internet. Every day you have to handle multiple things like emails, social media networking, and other important stuff. So to handle all this stuff you need a good browser.

Best browsers for Mac

Best Browsers for Mac

There are certain factors about the browsers that affect its performance on Mac OS. The browser should have the ability to load the web pages quickly. Another important factor is how the browser loads graphic images and videos. You should not have to wait for minutes while the page loads. It is not necessary you stick to the default browser. We have listed the best internet browsers for Mac.

Google Chrome

This is one of the most popular browsers. It is widely used on multiple operating systems. It is supported by Google and was released in 2008. The interface of the browser is clutter free. Being a safe, secure, and fast browser makes it easy to use.

Best Internet Browsers for Mac


  • The browser offers a wide range of extensions. So you can easily customize the browser according to your choice.
  • Due to the presence of Google DNS, the browser has undoubtedly great speed for surfing.

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When we talk about browsers then Safari has to be on the list of top browsers for Mac. Mac and Safari both are developed by Apple Company. This browser will provide great support to your device. If you are a new Mac user then it will take time for you to get used to its interface.

Fastest Browsers for Mac


  • Battery consumption by Safari is much less as compared to other browsers.
  • Speed dial function on the browser will help you load your most visited sites quickly.
  • The interface of the browser is different. You will not be able to resist using it at least once.


OmniWeb is one of those internet browsers for Mac that is specially developed for this operating system. This web browser is free to download. It is a powerful browser with its initial release in 1995.

Top Browsers for Mac


  • If you do not like the font of a webpage you can change it.
  • The browser has multiple interesting features like the addition of website shortcuts, visual tabs, and automatic rendering of web pages.
  • The entire RSS feed is handled by the browser.


The torch is a web browser which is chromium based. It was developed by Torch media. Because of the great support that the browser provides it is amongst the top mac browsers. Since the release of the browser in 2012, its popularity is increasing. The browser has some similarities to the Chrome browser along with some additional features.

Top Mac Browsers


  • The torch is one such browser that supports all the Chrome extensions.
  • There is a social bar that provides real-time notifications of your social media accounts. This browser is sure to save your time.
  • For all the torrent lovers out there this browser is a must try. You can easily download torrent files as it supports torrent downloading.

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Opera is one of the fastest browsers for Mac. It is also one of the best browsers for Windows and Android. Recently Opera have released certain updates that are going to enhance your experience with Mac. No doubt this has to be on the list of best browsers for Mac.

Internet Browsers for Mac


  • The Opera browser gives a smoother user experience to the users.
  • You can easily navigate through the tabs and other options.

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